How to Do Crochet Sole for SLIPPERS SOCKS

How to Do Crochet Sole for SLIPPERS SOCKS You will need yarn: yarn 50% wool, 50% acrylic, 300 m in 100 g (you can also use yarn 100% wool, 300 m in 100 g). Hook 2.0-2.5 -3.0. Tutorial 294 With this time I will learn you how to crochet the sole for any size (the socks or slippers) the rule of calculation is simple. So you need to measure the length of your sole and width and the length - width of the sole = the length of foundation chain that will be made for you sock or slipper. I'm going to make the sole that is 24 cm. The with of this sole is 9 to 10. The length of the foundation chain will be 14 cm. Crochet Mini Hearts String Tutorial 112 Stripy Lace to Crochet Tutorial 1 Part 1 Romanian Point Lace Basic Cord Crochet Tutorial 47 Romanian Macrame Cord ✔Get More Information here #elenarugalstudio

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